13.) Iranian Pharmaceutical companies experienced a solid previous fiscal year_1

Iranian Pharmaceutical companies experienced a solid previous fiscal year

Iranian stock listed pharmaceutical companies experienced a solid previous fiscal year and they managed to obtain satisfactory profits to please their shareholders during otherwise thundery days at the Tehran stock exchange.

In our whitepaper Pharmaceutical Industry Iran – current status, opportunities and threats, we reported the average ratio of profits to sales of pharmaceutical companies in 2014 to be at approximately 31 percent, with the highest ratio being obtained by Pars Darou with 52.8 percent. In this blog post we will briefly introduce Pars Darou as one of the market leaders of the Iranian pharmaceutical industry.

Pars Darou was established in 1960 by Bayer AG Germany (at that time it was called Bayer Pharma Iran Company) as the first multinational pharmaceutical company of Iran. After the Islamic revolution its shares were transferred to the National Industries of Iran Organization. Today, Pars Darou produces more than 70 types of pharmaceuticals in the fields of Antibiotics, Anti-Bacterials, Antivirus, Pain-Killer, and Anti-Depressants. The company produces different types of tablets, capsules, powders, lotions, and solutions.
Pars Darou was listed on the Tehran stock exchange in 1995 and its latest registered capital is listed as 2.3 million USD. It holds production licenses for 79 products and employs approximately 250 employees.

Pars Darou announced that they will aim for a capital increase of 200% (from 2.3 million USD to 6.8 million USD) in the next year. The current CEO Mr. Naser Naghdi stated that they sold 30 million USD worth of products in 2014, leading to a net profit of 10 million USD.
There are more than 30 stock listed pharmaceutical companies in Iran, most of them are successful and profitable. For further information on the Iranian pharmaceutical industry please refer to our white paper.

Written by ILIA Corporation Consultant Amir Ebrahimzadeh

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