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Iranian pharmaceutical imports and exports

In our recently published whitepaper Pharmaceutical Industry Iran ILIA Corporation analyzed the current status, opportunities and threats that the industry is facing.  This post focuses on the imports and exports of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran, concluding in an outlook of the future. According to Iran customs, in 2014 pharmaceutical products from 61 countries with a […]

Iranian Pharmaceutical companies experienced a solid previous fiscal year

Iranian stock listed pharmaceutical companies experienced a solid previous fiscal year and they managed to obtain satisfactory profits to please their shareholders during otherwise thundery days at the Tehran stock exchange. In our whitepaper Pharmaceutical Industry Iran – current status, opportunities and threats, we reported the average ratio of profits to sales of pharmaceutical companies […]

Key Players of the Iranian Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is considered as one of the most important manufacturing sectors of Iran and with total sales of 12 billion USD in 2014 it makes up for approximately 19% of the total industry, as well as for approximately 2.5% – 3% of Iran’s GDP. Iran’s automotive players can be divided into two main […]